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H-74″x W-30.5″
Colour : DG/HG
2 Key Lock & 1 Combination Lock

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Features : 

  • Protection Against Fire : Godrej Double Duty Barrier material provides reliable protection against fire
  • Protection Against Burglary : In addition to Double Duty Barrier material , the locking area has been given added security with an armour plate
  • Sentinel Door Slab : The thickness of the overall composite slab is 25 mm made of layer of flame and burglary resistant material which provides resonable protection against fire and attacks of drill . This composite layer of Godrej Double Duty Barrier is a proprietary material developed by Godrej ‘s R&D team . With an overall thickness of 120 mm , this special protective layer is over the locks and other vital parts of the door .
  • Door Frame : Tested Quality 5 mm thick M.S. plate is used for fabricating the one piece bent angle door frame. For strength and rigidity, the door frame is suitably reinforced along the height and width . A special jamb is bolted to the frame .
  • Locking System :  Two number superior quality dual control high precision 8 – lever locks made of brass levers and actuated by phosphor bronze springs . The locks are further protected by highly sensitive spring loaded re – locks on both the locks which ensures deadlocking in the event of an attack made on the locks . The entire locking area is protected by armour plate which offers high resistance to drill attacks. Optionally we can also provide a UL listed 4 – Wheel Mechanical Combination Lock , Electronic Lock or Biometric Lock .
  • Automatic Re – Locking Device : This features offers additional security , in case an attempt is made on the locks . This sensitive device gets actuated automatically and the door is deadlocked which cannot be opened .
  • Extra Tough Bolt Work Mechanism : To secure the door , 4 active shooting bolts ( each of 32 mm ) are provided on the front a full length rebate bar on the rear side which slides behind the tough ” Solid – jamb ” rebate . The bolts can be activated simultaneously by the movement of the handle .
  • Impact Resisting Shaft for – Handle : Attractively designed , convenient to use  handle are fitted on an impact resisting shaft which is meant to defeat attempts to hammer it .
  • Grille Gate : A well – designed grille gate is provided , which is secured with a godrej high precision 8 – lever lock , operable from inside as well as outside .
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